The flat iron is amazing!

I’m a News Reader and Producer for probably the most famous broadcasters in the world, which is just as well because I love news be it local, national or international.


My other obsession of late is my hair. It all started when I decided to natural.

This blog amongst other interests (all hair types, health & fitness) will chart my hair journey from permed hair to natural afro hair with a few home made wigs thrown in between.

Unlike most on the ‘natural’ journey I’m doing it WITHOUT the ‘BIG CHOP’ (American for cutting it all off!).


As well as having a full head of natural hair, my aim is to maintain my bra strap length hair from start (2009), to finish!

I also want to dispel the well trodden myth that afro hair can’t grow long.  Many people will even tell you that their afro hair does not grow at all.  I’m no trichologist, but against the odds I have researched how to: grow healthy natural hair, maintain two textures, avoid breakage and not just maintain my length, but now have even longer, long hair!


Although I have chosen to ‘go natural’, this in no way means that I dislike perms and relaxers (on adults).  In fact I believe you can have healthy looking chemically processed hair if you know how to look after it.  Saying that, it’s not for all hair types and no matter how well you try, if your hair/scalp does not like it, it does not like it, and thus is likely to result in burns and hair breakage.

Thus I will be bringing you info on all types of hair even synthetic wigs too!


So along with hair I will aim to bring you a regular diet of health and fitness information.  Although we are skin and bone like any other women, we have a different physiology. Therefore it is often found that important information about health and fitness given out in mainstream press often applies to ‘us’ in a different way.  I will do my best to bring you the African/Caribbean version, as and when I track it down.

It’s worth adding that the views I express on this blog are mine, and not those of my employer.

No copyright infringement is intended for any photos featured on this blog! If you see a photo of yourself, or of which you own, posted and would like it removed please message me.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I really appreciate all of your info. Even though i live in Atlanta GA, I am unable to find frank advice on my natural locks. I have not had a perm since 2006, (i’m a firefighter and after training or fires the relaxer formed a mutany against me so i started to flat iron to transition). Because i chose to ceramic flat iron my hair bi-weekly i have several different textures. I have decided no more heat and i am anxious to see the results of my change in mid June 2015. I’m trying a few of your suggestions and will update monthly. Wish me luck.


    • Hi Charlene thanks for the feedback. So you are a long-time natural a pioneer! how fantastic. Yes regular heat (excuse the pun ☺) be problematic. I look forward to you coming back with your findings. I’m sure you’ll think the abstaining was worth it.

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