7 thoughts on “What Statement is your Hair Making?

  1. My hair says that l refuse to conform to the white European ‘standard’ of beauty my hair enables me to celebrate my own standard of beauty. My hair also sends a message to others ‘it’s OK to be black and beautiful with natural hair. We need to show each other that we are beautiful by simply being….

    I would like to see women who braid and weave, take it off for one day, and go out socially with their natural hair, if they can’t l would like to know why….. honest answers only…

    Finally what are we ‘saying’ to our beautiful young women of colour when we are unable to face and embrace our natural selves?…….

    We are free to choose our hair style/s just be honest about why we choose false over natural…. some may claim that the choice is rooted in freedom but l wonder………

  2. I think the stereotypes around our natural hair is also ingrained in our own community. Some years ago, I used to have locks and my father disliked them. Before my graduation he gave a whole lecture on why I should get rid of them ” for my own good!!”. Now I wear my hair kinky and he still does not approve much of it (It doesn’t really bother me).

    When I travelled to my African homeland two years ago, I got extension done and had some family members tell me how I look better with that than my natural hair. It’s unbelievable. My response to all these people is that I’m proud of who I am and if someone judges me because I wear my hair in its natural state, then they are shallow and so I’m not interested in them.

    I hope your interview at the BBC will help reduce the stereotypes around our beautiful natural hair.

    • This is a common problem. We were taught well to dislike all things ‘black’. Your father like most of us in the world is influenced by the media and until recently kinky was not beautiful. I am noticing in increasing numbers here in the UK she choosing black models the mainstream are opting for kinky girls.

  3. How exactly do you use the CareFree Curl products on your hair? I’m very curious to know. I like the natural texture of my frizzy hair, but the dry ends and single strand knots are killing me! I dont wish to resort to the Max Hydration Method (I dont particularly like the look) but I need a way to retail moisture and enhance my texture.

    • Hi Diane – I use it after I have washed my hair whilst it is still wet. I slather lots of it on then top with Olive Oil and then plait or put my hair in a ponytail. I also use to rehydrate rather than water, so if I am detangling I may well use some. But as for plonk on my hair and go never! My hair can’t take moisture and go hairstyles, because like you I would end up with a head of knots. It’s also great for remodelling my hair from say two plaits into a ponytail without the need for a comb.

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