I would love and appreciate your opinion!

My site has moved to www.hairvalley.com

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12 thoughts on “I would love and appreciate your opinion!

  1. They are all a bit too wordy… Is your focus reducing damage or is it growing longer natural hair? I think that’s where you start.

    If it’s going to long maybe it can be a two part title, ie Weaves, Wigs and Braids: How to Grow Long Hair Using Protective Styles or maybe Wearing Wigs, Weaves and Braids & Growing Long Natural Hair.

    Just my two cents! Great book idea!

    • Thanks Faye for the wonderfully detailed feedback. I will certainly be taking into consideration what you’re said. Yes trying to possibly say too much in the title and using a sub heating and bullet points is essential. Cheers hun.☺

  2. I voted for a) because you asked for the most eye catching but I prefer c). I think all the titles imply you’re wearing a weave (which you’re not are?). Maybe it should be an sub title so the emphasis is on caring for and maintaining natural hair regardless of weave wearing etc. Good job either way. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Hi, I chose Pic C.

    I agree with Eva: the titles are a bit long-winded. But I think a main title and a sub-title would work.

    Congrats on your book; looking forward to the end product 🙂

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