Want to know what to do to your Natural Hair in the winter months?

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9 thoughts on “Want to know what to do to your Natural Hair in the winter months?

  1. Hi Valley,

    I have a few questions if you could answer them for me!

    – I’ve decided give up texturisers for now, so I’m wearing a weave. How do I look after my hair while there are 2 textures: straight & afro?
    – My natural regrowth is very very tough, so I’m wondering how to comb/manipulate it while it’s attached to the straighter, processed more processed section?
    – Also, my hair has now become thin & fragile. It lies completely flat. How do I remedy this? Is the only way to just stop using chemicals?
    – I used to have very tough, thick, big hair. If I decided to go back to using chemicals after it grew, would it eventually become thin again?

    I know these are loads of questions but I’d love some ideas.

    • Hi BB apologies for delay in getting back to uou. I am just returning from China as I write and internet access there is curtailed. You need to play with your hair as little as possible so long term gentle styling using your fjngers is best. Depending on your hair length a bun, loose canerows plaits. Wearing weaves and braids needs to be done with care. I have a book on this very subject coming out in a few months. The biggest issue for most os the gentle styling that you choose may not look the way you want it. I would suggest getting styling ideas for your length and texture on youtube. Gentle gentle gentle is the only way. As for re relaxing yes your hair would eventually thin out over time. The two textures are tricky that is why fingers with lots of any kind of water based hair lotion will help you to manipulate uour hair. It worked for me. If I have not made anything clear please come back to me.

      • Hi Valley. Thanks for your reply. I think the weaves and braids have definitely damaged my hair so I think a bun is best. I’m just worried my hair might get a bit boring style wise… I’ll take a look for style ideas on YouTube.

      • Alternate between bun, twists and updos. You’ll soon find your look, it takes time, you’ll experience what I called ugly days Lol, but stick with it. Its so so rewarding when you find your look which may also involve some wardrobe adjustments, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before, especially when the compliments start rolling in ☺

    • Hi guys, I hope I am not being forward by adding my two pennies worth (sorry) but have you ever thought about wearing a wig during the winter months? Or at all even? I too am all natural and love the flexibility that wigs give me to care for my own hair and spare my poor edges that have been damaged by weaves in the past (my hair is fragile). There are so many nice and natural looking ones out there nowadays. Quick plug (www.blackcleopatra.com). I would definitely recommend thinking about a wig 😊

      • Don’t apologise, I’m happy to hear as many pieces of advice as possible!

        My worry about wigs is that it’s very difficult to get a good quality one and to make it look real. I also have a massive fear that it’ll fall off one day or just get taken by the wind. It fills me with dread. I really do want to protect my edges and grow my hair stronger after years of processing and overheating. The only way to counteract that would be to sew it on I guess and I don’t know how to and I’m wary of paying for that service. If it was easier I think I’d consider wigs. But do they not rub against your hair and damage it?

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