Is the hair on your head from Brazil, India, China or a Goat?

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10 thoughts on “Is the hair on your head from Brazil, India, China or a Goat?

  1. Thank you so much! This makes perfect sense as to why some hair I’ve used for braids has burned, itched, and made me break out. I’m allergic to wool and it never dawned on me that any hair I might buy could have goat hair mixed in. Definitely have to dig deeper now before grabbing just any pack.

    • The problem is the itching can be due to a number of things; chemicals the fibres etc. My rule is I’m always sceptical about the labels as many of these products come from unregulated countries. Human hair for less than £100 or $ US 160 seems like a bargin considering how long it takes to grow hair. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with treated Goat’s hair, but if I’m buying it I want to know. ☺

  2. hi,

    As someone who has worked closely with the film and theatre industry, mohair has been widely used for creating baby hairs on wigs which are made for the stage. Mohair can easily be distinguished from human hair as it very fragile, very prone to tear and extremely fine. Although in pictures it seems like human hair once you touch it you can almost definitely know that the quality is of a different origin.

    However i am not disputing Chinese manufacturers using mohair for hair extensions, but they have definitely mixed it with other fabrics that replicate human hair or mixed it with actual human hair.

    Mohair is not entirely bad to use esp. if used for certain sections on wigs. Some key celebrities and hair companies use mohair expertly well to create realistic wigs. However i do believe that this information should be disclosed and not mis-sold as human hair- so people who have allergy or concerns are aware of the facts.

    • Hi Elizabeth thanks for your insight, very interesting. On a personal front I would rather wear Goat’s hair then human hair from who knows where and what circumstances snd I’m sure I’m not alone, but yes they need to let us know.

  3. I’m so happy you did this type of research and documented it. A lot of us females have no clue to what is actually being mixed in these so called wefts of supposedly labeled human hair. Some of us are so quick to say for example”oh I’m wearing the Cambodian hair”! Ummm Cambodians don’t have kinky curly hair like that so how is that possible. Women from Brazil and other countries are not really disposing of hair the way people think they are in order to make extensions. So this article is an awakening to a lot of females out there mislead by titles.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Diana – Yes the weave extension hair industry are dancing a merry dance around us. But we are getting wise to it. Lets face it it takes about 3 years to grow 18inches of hair on average, yet some people are selling it for as little as £60/US$100 a batch! This itself should make you wonder what you are buying and ask the question, why is human hair so cheap.

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