How to Moisturise your Natural Hair

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15 thoughts on “How to Moisturise your Natural Hair

    • Our hair is naturally drier than European hair or our hair when it is relaxed. The dryness is probably normal, but many of us prefer it not to feel so. I’m thinking this is because we are comparing it to the relaxer days. The more you wear your hair out the drier it will be. I put loads of product on my hair then I plait it and leave it like that for at least 12 hours (overnight), then if at all I will wear it out. The longer time it is left in plaits the longer it will stay moisturised when I wear it out. But at best I get about 3 days of it feeling ‘nice-ish’. One thing I know for certain is that you can’t permanently get rid of the dryness.

  1. Hi Valley as always your posts are informative. I drink roughly two glasses of water but also drink other fluids such as herbal teas. I sometimes add a slice of lemon or lime to the water to give it a bit of zing.

    • Thanks Jackie. The herbal tea helps, but it’s recommended that we drink 8 glasses of water a day. Yes 8! So you’ve got loads more tea or water to drink. Lol. I find it a struggle to be honest, but I try. I probably miss my target most days but I continue to try.

  2. I found this article whilst researching on google about the best ‘thirst quenching’ moisturizers available for natural afro textured hair and I must say that I’m very happy I did because I’m guilty of not drinking enough water. I am one of those, able to survive on a 1,5 L bottle of water for a whole week which I know is unhealthy but my body seems just not able to deal with 8 glasses of water per day.It’s been that way all my Twenty-something Winters on earth so needless to say that it’s time for a change. Great article!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I would just say what you body put up with in your 20’s may not be the same as you get older. I would implore you to force yourself to drink more, not just for your hair but for your general health. Most of us don’t even know when we are dehydrated until our body starts to fail us. But I hear you, I don’t often feel thirsty but I force myself. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Reblogged this on Foodie Claire and commented:
    Never a truer word spoken. This was a concept completely new to be a couple of months ago – ridiculous – right? The OH drinks a ridiculous amount of water, my best friend drinks a ridiculous amount of water, my mother swears by it but up until August I used to drink less than 500mls of water. I didn’t like the taste and found it boring. After making a few life changes I started filling up a 1 litre bottle every morning and putting it on my desk, I have water next to my bedside table. I sit and have dinner with a bottle of water. When I go for things I REALLY go the whole hog (ask my mother, father or Sam – I’m a true annoying Aquarian).

    So if you’re one of those that doesn’t yet get at least 2 litres of water a day this is worth a read. As Valley Fontaine is right – how can you have good hair if you put bad stuff in your body (not to mention health benefits).

    Now that I’m transitioning into natural hair this has never been more relevant.

    Have a good weekend all. x

    • Thanks for the endorsement Claire, I appreciated the feedback. I like the idea of bringing a bottle of water to work and working your way through it. Lately I’ve been finding it very hard to drink water without forcing myself. Thanks for your inspiration!

  4. I drink 3 liters a day now since I got my kidney transplant in March. Before that I couldn’t drink that much because of dialysis. I have noticed several growth spurts since my transplant.

    • Yes water drinking does not come naturally to me. I have to make a conscious effort. I rarely find myself feeling thirsty. I can even eat dinner without drinking, so I make sure I finish my water at regular interval throughout the day.

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