Your natural hair has these limitations

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6 thoughts on “Your natural hair has these limitations

  1. My hair is very curly, very complex, and prone to breakage. I have a very strict “no-heat” policy, and am otherwise very careful with my hair and subscribe to a natural diet. However I would say that “too far” for me always come when I get really infatuated with my curls and the attention and compliments they garner when I wear all or most of my hair out–eventually this leads to breakage. I know that I should leave my curls fully exposed one week tops, but I push the envelope to enjoy the momentary pleasures that come from wearing them out–but this eventually leads to breakage, and tears.

    Like most naturals, my hair is multiple textures. Recently I was wearing a small portion of the back out in a tiny bouquet of ringlets, with the rest up in a bun. The problem is, while some ringlets can go for days with no detangling or manipulation, there are certain sections that need to be finger detangled daily, then spritzed with water to become defined again. All that manipulation eventually lead to…. you guessed it: breakage. In order for the curl to look right and spiral down properly, I kept snipping off the thin bits each time. half-inch here, half-inch there. Of course it looked visibly shorter. Finally, I stopped the madness, and put it up so it could rest and regrow.

    However, I now have my front curls out–which is a different story. if those curls were my children, they would be mommy’s favorites (shhhhhh… LOL). They’re perfect ringlets, but I can literally go for three weeks or more with out having to detangle those curls. Just spritz every three days or so and add product. Moisturize, condition (weekly), etc. where necessary. The fact that there can be no detangling involved for such a long stretch means virtually no breakage. When I used to process my hair (Wave Nouveau, S-Curl, mild relaxers–yes, I’m dating myself! : ), I also used to color my hair (blonde highlights!) and sometimes blow it out.I now know how torturous that was for my hair, so I’ve dropped all those practices as a natural. However, our hair can be soooooooo sensitive, even the most seemingly innocuous things can lead to breakage and heartache, so I err on the side of caution. I think a lot more naturalistas also should do so as well.

    • Yes I agree with you heat will just speed up the breakage especially if breakage is already an issue. But saying that we all have breakage therefore within reason, it’s natural.

    • As for wearing hair out. I agree with you, tempting to wear it out for more days then is wise, and yes like you I have to deal with the knots. I find that dry curls eg. not wash and goes are better for my hair less knots. I stay away from water because although gives me definition, it also gives me tangles.

      I don’t cut out the knots, I try to detangle them and if not I will leave a knot on a strand, as you say snip here and snip there and that’s all your length gone.

      Colour is another issue, the lighter the harsher, so I suppose as long as people are aware of this then they can decide. Blond almost always ends up breaking if you have any length.

      Thanks for you info. Very interesting.

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