Invitation: Your hair is my passion

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11 thoughts on “Invitation: Your hair is my passion

  1. Thanks so much for what you are doing for women with afro hair type hair.
    I have permed my hair all of my life. I really love the way permed hair look against my skin tone. I tried sister locs about 2 years ago, and enjoyed the natural feel for a while. However, locs made it impossible for me to swim everyday. Swimming is the one exercise I do without the need for any motivation. I cut the locs and wore a curly afro for a minute, but the problem with swimming arose again because of the moisturizers and oils that I used to keep my curl.
    Do you have any suggestions for my particular situation. I would appreciate whatever you can enlighten me on.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Brenda now this is a challenging one. I agree that anything more than a few inched of natural hair would pose hard labour if trying to style it in quick time after a swim. You can by protection products but i am not sure how well they work. But that still leaves styling. My instinctive response is to swim breast stroke so your hair stays dry. Is this an option for you?

      • Hi Valley, Good idea. I can buy protection products, but I would have to learn to swim the breast stroke. LOL
        I don’t imagine a swim cap will help. I will try it. Thanks again.

      • It think a swim cap is better than nothing, they are splash proof although could not withstand being submerged. I will always have an imagine in my mind of two women having an intense conversations, keeping there head fully out of the water whilst they did their breast stroke up and down the pool. It was a sight to see. I’ve tried but I can’t do it the way they did, but it’s obviously possible. No splashing and their hair (european) was completely dry. Have a go.

  2. Now that is very interesting! I am sure that was a sight to see. I will try it, and keep you posted. Thx.

    • Yes, please do. You sound like a much stronger swimmer than me . I was great as a kid but am a weak adult swimmer. I would welcome the feedback and technique advice. Have a lovely day.☺

  3. I wish! No, I only know the free style stroke, with some bit of breast stroke technique. I am working on rebuilding my strength as well. I was away from any type of exercise for a long time. Recently, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So I knew I had to get busy with an exercise routine. I really am not motivated to do anything except swim. Thus, the issue with my hair. I will try to keep from cutting my hair, but if I want to swim freely that might be a better option at this point. I will see. I am trying to land a job before I cut my hair. Do have a fantastic day. It’s about lunch time there, isn’t it? Blessings!

  4. I’ve worn weaves on and off for over 15 years, the natural hair community has inspired me to want to wear my natural hair. But I don’t know how to start my journey. Any advice? I’m so scared!

    • Hi Sista Hub – I would first identify your natural hair style options. Find your hair twin on youtube. There is nothing more frustrating then not knowing what to do with your hair and i know this is an issue for many, so I would establish this first. Also decide if you are going to big chop or grow it out like I did. Again once you’ve identified ways of styling your hair that’s half the battle. As I’m not sure what your hair looks like or what you want to achieve I will leave it at that. In terms of products, they are all pretty much the same. I would suggest a water based moisturiser/leave in lotion and an oil. The more moisuriser on your hair the more you will be able to manipulate it. Always top with some oil. Once you get the hang of doing a style you like you will realise it is not really complicated at all. Hope this helps, but feel free to come back to me.

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