Why I returned to my Natural Hair?

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4 thoughts on “Why I returned to my Natural Hair?

  1. Nothing wrong with your hair! I have to admit though, dealing with Afro Hair can be daunting sometimes.. I have ‘straight’ afro hair, which doesn’t have much of a curl pattern, and I have always been told that my hair is soft and what people would do with my type of hair.. This good hair, bad hair crap is nonsense.. The key really is learning how to deal with what you’ve got.. Not wishing you were a European, or as with most Jamaicans, being obsessed with Indian hair(Er, why??).. I used to be the opposite to you and worry when my hair wouldn’t wave and curl, or go into a defined afro(Even when it is supposed to be back combed it straightens! Ha!).. I have now stopped worrying and now that its shorter I just realized that actually can’t keep fighting my hair texture and just need to cut the worrying.. Too much makes your hair fall out! Hahaaaaaaa…

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