The disadvantages of Finger Combing Natural Hair

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16 thoughts on “The disadvantages of Finger Combing Natural Hair

  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve been combing my natural hair for the last 4 years and I’ve had a real problem retaining length so this year I decided to start finger detangling. I really does take a very long time and I find my roots are really thick. I’m going to give it a couple of months and see if this makes a different.

    • Hi Georgina – Yes I agree it’s very time consuming, but it’s potentially much more gentle on your hair and thus helps retain growth. I’ll be interested in hearing how it goes please. I would suggest that you do it at least once per week otherwise you might find your hair will get too tangled and thus you end up having to break through knots.

  2. wow, no comb in 3years, thats good. I do finger detangling mostly because i never go for 100% detangled hair the remaining loose hair will eventually come off. i actually did a post on advantages of finger detangling.

      • Didn’t expect a reply- nice touch! I know your posts are NOT directed at men,but having coincidentally undergone the “big chop” some years ago, I am somewhat interested in how, more African women and men can come to realize the psychological freedom (and other benefits) attained from having your own racially unique Afro (hair)., Pleased to have come across your words when researching..

      • Hi David I always like to reply when someone takes their time and effort to talk to me. I believe that our hair will speak for itself. People are quickly realising how absolutely ‘fly’, our hair is. So I think it’s beauty will lead others to psychological freedom. I can honestly say although I still throw on a wig from time to time, I feel so proud when wearing my hair in its natural state. And as for the attention, well I love that too Lol!!! All the best with your research.

  3. Great post. You only really read about the benefits of finger combing. I use a seamless, plastic afro pick in the shower on wash days and otherwise I finger comb. Really works well for me. Finger combing alone resulted in loads of single stand knots to my fine hair!

    • Yes finger combing has its merits but I agree that it can’t be depended on to take on the entire hair care regime. Is there anything else you do to your hair that does not follow the ‘rules’.

  4. Great post,
    It is so very true that finger detangling is not always the best option. If the hair gets very tangled, matted or knotty-conditioner can’t even help. We specialize in detangling hair that is severely matted or tangled.

  5. Hi Really love your posts and each time I see a new one I get so excited. You are a wealth of knowledge. I just wanted to add that I have started finger detangling which I find great. It’s just that, at times I can catch strands of my hair on a jagged nail – that seemed to appear from nowhere. So I have stop finger combing, detached my hair from my nail (trying really hard not to break anything) and then file all my nails to make certain there are no more jagged nails. Which can make the whole detangling thing take even longer. So I think I am going to use this method along with combing – definitely seems like a good idea.

    • Hi Afriyel – You are so right. In fact I was just finger detangling in the car on the way back from the cinema, and yes suddenly a jagged nail became apparent. And didn’t have a file in my handbag so had to use my teeth to kind of file it down, as I was determined to finish Lol. The price I suppose I’m willing to pay for the advantages of finger combing. But yes a bit of both sounds like a good compromise.

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