The Natural Hair Starter Kit

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11 thoughts on “The Natural Hair Starter Kit

  1. I love this post! It really is up to you as to what products you want to use. Moisture, I believe is key.Recently, I just did my second big chop. Not so much for style but because the summer heat fried my ends to a crisp! I had no choice. I need a good moisturizer. Any suggestions

    • Any moisturiser, they are all pretty much the same with a different name, but for me the major protector is oil. I could not live without some kind of oil. After washing I will moisturise, I put loads on and then throughly oil my hair. In between washes I often just use oil, making sure to put loads on my ends. I do have a video on moisturisers which I will now put at the foot of the article.

  2. I wore a wig all last week and used a “butter” cream and carrot oil. My hair loved it and felt softer. I may continue during the winter months.

  3. HI Valley

    I love your picture, you haven’t changed much

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    • Supplements off the shelf tend if at all, to have minimal strength. If you’re lacking anything that you need a boost of the kind of vitamins that can balance things out usually have to be subscribed by a doctor.

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