Hair Relaxer sales are drying up

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8 thoughts on “Hair Relaxer sales are drying up

  1. It’s not surprising. I see more and more women opting to stop using relaxers. Most importantly, I see it in younger children. Back in the day (my day at least, I’m 40 btw) around the age of 12 a girl was begging for a relaxer if she didn’t already have one. I opted long ago not to relax my daughter’s hair until she was older. She just turned 12 and does not want to relax. She’s all about the videos and tutorials on youtube and quite a few of her friends are natural. Loving this new trend!

  2. Yay!!! Damaging hair relaxers continually destroying our beautiful hair, burns, time and expense…ok, so a lot of Black women are exchanging for various types of weaves/braids or in my case, locks but I am all for Black women ditching that horrible perming stuff as I dont believe it was ever meant for our hair!

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