Natural Hair Beauty Queen (Miss World 2013)

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23 thoughts on “Natural Hair Beauty Queen (Miss World 2013)

  1. I am a Dominican. We are proud of Leslassa. I believe we need to appreciate and rock our natural hair more, I went natural a year ago and that was one of the best decisions I made.

    • You are so right about Leslassa. She could have flat ironed or blow dried her hair to look like everyone else but she stands alone and beautiful rocking her natural beauty. Good for you too. When I was in Dominica last year I noticed lots of natural women I wonder if Leslassa will influence some more?

  2. This young lady is a true representation of what natural beauty means. Given that the Miss World organizers highlight ‘beauty with a purpose’, her bold step speaks volumes! She is also remarkably well poised and spoken.

  3. this shows a sense of pride and confidence in today’s cosmological world where makeup and weave is the order of the day.. natural hair rocks!!!

  4. Go girl I aplaud you, wish more could be like you, its so sad what we do to even our black kids in pagentry, movies or high sports profile, be proud of you, inc your kinky hair.

  5. You GO GIRL, All Natural, All Beauty, All Dominican… The Nature Island Of The Caribbean… We are proud of you… Keep it Natural Lassa let you flow… That’s what Nature Grows.

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  7. absolutely beautiful and refreshing to find a young woman pushing the natural hair look and not adding on hsb’s (hair-she’s-bought) representing Dominica, the Nature Isle. I’m really proud of her! Let’s be sure to vote for her!

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