4 reasons why I don’t recommend the Big Chop

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22 thoughts on “4 reasons why I don’t recommend the Big Chop

  1. Please can you do a video on how you manipulate your curl pattern? Maybe if I had known how to manipulate my curl pattern I wouldn’t have big chopped so early.

    • I will add it to the list ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m currently writing a hair book therefore videos are are haaving to take a back seat for now. But I will most definitely put it on the list. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Same issue, my head shape don’t suit BC. So thanks to you and a few others I transitioned and snipped ends off. Much easier for me to cope with, and more styles can be created too in my opinion.

  3. Everyone is different, I didn’t do a extreme big chop, but I did cut a little at a time, it was just better for me to get the relaxed ends off. Some don’t because of the look they are after for themselves. When I saw this article I was OMG is there a critical reason why not to BC. Everyone’s hair is different. Once I cut the remaining relaxed ends off I have been fine. I see some who BC to the scalp and they are happy with their decision. We all have different results, with our many different textures of hair.

    • Indeed everyone is different, that’s why I said I. I agree with you there is no wrong or right way, but I read so many blogs where worried young women are reluctantly being coerced into doing the BC and I wanted them and others to know they have a choice.

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    • No that’s not quiet right ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t removed them they have just naturally broken without me noticing as hair does. Thanks for highlighting something I should do a video about. Hair is fascinating. It’s amazing how it breaks at the same rate of growth.

      • Yes it’s a pain and can look terrible unless you find some styles were it isn’t an issue. I wore my hair in a slicked back ponytail most of the time, but also had to start wearing styles that I would never have considered before, which then impacted on my whole style and wardrobe to a degree. I’m referring to my now staple hairstyle which great on 5 year olds but now is also regularly worn by me, even now that I am fully natural. This style for me ticked many boxes I was able to disguise my two textures, not need to comb daily in this style, and it’s fast and simple. So explore explore explore. Let me know your thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • you still haven’t written a post on how you have succeeded in manipulating your hair texture for manageability.

      • Big apologies. I’ve been working on my book inbetween working full time. So its on the list but im a bit snowed under. In the meantime what specifically do you want to know. I can respond here. Thanks

  5. 6mo. Into transition without the big chop. I keep my hair moisturized, but my new growth has gotten so thick that it’s hard to maintain and literally a headache to comb. What are your recommendations for this stage in my transition?

    • Lots of product and plait yout hair at night no matter what hair style in the day. The more plaits the better. It will break your thickness down and thus easier to manage and manipulate.

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