I’m having Hair Dye issues

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4 thoughts on “I’m having Hair Dye issues

  1. When I was in high school I used Dark & Lovely to lighten and color my hair a copperish, honey blonde color. I didn’t notice any changes besides it being easier to comb, strangely enough. Of course, it’s toxic, but i didn’t know that then.

    I once I got into the habit of using henna- the dark brown kind- for a few months. I used it all over my head. My hair seemed much stronger and healthier and grew like a weed! I stopped because cleaning up after the application proved to be too much of a pain. I think about doing it again.

    Maybe the breakage issue is that your grey hairs are a different texture, and need different care perhaps, that your other hairs. I notice the few grey hairs I have like to do their own thing.

    Hope this helps.
    PS You have gorgeous hair!

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