3 years 7 months of Natural Hair Growth

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5 thoughts on “3 years 7 months of Natural Hair Growth

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    • Yes hair breakage where the two textures meet is an issue. Thus when you are combing it – I used my fingers and lots of moisturiser – you need to be so so gentle. But my real life saver were my full and half wigs that I made my self. I turned to them when I wanted to wear my hair out. Otherwise I wore my hair in styles that require minimum fuss eg. plaits, slicked back pony tail etc. Both I did just using my fingers. It’s a at time frustrating situation but, now I’m out the other end with a full head of natural hair, without a pair of scissors in sight I’m happy. I maintained my length all the way. Let me know how you get on. If you have any more questions, by all means fire a way 🙂

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