Hair Valley recommends…A video by fgrogan

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3 thoughts on “Hair Valley recommends…A video by fgrogan

  1. Thank you for posting my video on your blog! I really appreciate that! I am loving my Natural hair honey! Cannot stop messing with it. I am happy that it was a choice that I made to go Natural and not because of a bad perm or devastating hair experience!

    • Pleasure! I had been following you on You Tube for a while, and was shocked and impressed with your no nonsense decisiveness. I love the way you love you hair, long or short. I’ve seen many people big chop and the expression on their face is oh what have I done, but with you it was genuine joy. Thanks for coming on to my blog and commenting!

  2. Thanks Fgrogran for making me aware of the importance of moisturizing and good deep conditioning. Since watching your videos on YouTube, my hair is strong enough to be brushed for the first time in years and growing fast. God bless you. What relaxer do you use?

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