BAD BAD hair day…

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11 thoughts on “BAD BAD hair day…

  1. You are so right! I posted about this before. There is a YouTube video that I viewed on yesterday where a young lady attempted to create a tutorial on how to create curls with the barrel curling iron. Well needless to say, she literally burned her hair off! Although she included a heat protector, she obviously didn’t think about the temperature of the iron. People really need to understand that everyone is not in a position to give advise and I say based on their background or experience. So good looking out on this one. With the growth of social media people need to be more aware and alert when it comes to believing and following someone just because they have a YouTube video.

  2. It was obvious before I saw the outcome, (and read the title) that she had the tongs on her hair to long and clearly to higher heat for such fine hair….I dunno! At least she was brave enough to publish it and make herself a fool to some and laughing stock to others…

    • Hi Lovefro, I don’t know that I think the length of time she had anything too do with it for 3 reasons. 1) I don’t think she held it for too long, 2) I’ve held tongs on my hair a lot longer then that and did not burn it off. 3) I simply believe the tongs were far too hot. Too hot is too hot and you will burn fine material like hair if you expose it for 1 second or 10 seconds. That’s my take. 🙂 She seems to be enjoying the exposure and instant fame. On her youtube page she is pushing to the public to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

      • Hi Valley, when I wrote the above I did think well I ‘ve probably left tongs on my hair for longer than that, but why i think it was length of time was ( and to follow you;)

        a) The average ‘high street’ tong/hair tool in my opinion doesn’t get that hot, hence why you, me and other women have held tongs in our hair for ages. Therfore just a few seconds/or min longer, damages and even singes hair. If you notice, stylist can use really hot appliances but they literally whizz that stuff through you hair i.e roll up, couple of seconds, let go.. so hot really hot appliance can be used ‘sucessfully’ if you get what I mean. Look at the iron some black stylist use with the oven to straighten black hair? Nothing is hotter than that thing, but it not ever passes through our hair.

        B) However I do agree that simply not knowing the temperature of the appliance, and holding it to long, even a couple of seconds to long will result in fall out…forget mere breakage! It happened to me in my younger days…fassing with the hot iron /stove at my local salon, thought I was smart….”yeah I can do this” and the mini out the thing to my head, my hair fried!!! Thank God it weren’t as obvious as hers!!

        😉 x

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