Hair for Christmas?

With just a few days to go before Christmas getting a hair appointment is going to be a challenge so…



On what is expected to be one of the busiest days of the year in the hairdressing calendar hairdressers up and down the country are warning clients to be prepared for an even longer wait than usual.

Salons are asking customers to come prepared “bring your food, and if possible do any errands before you arrive, because we can’t guarantee what time you’ll leave”, said one salon owner who wished not to be identified.

The advice is, if you haven’t already booked an appointment be prepared for disappointment.  Although as we are in the middle of a recession if you are willing to wait on top of the wait, you may be able to negotiate.

However if you have booked and are used to going to your African/Caribbean hairdressers for a relaxer, weave, blow dry, trim or plaits, and it taking anything from 2 hours to a whole day, you have been warned.



If you’ve long since abandoned the hair salon and DO IT YOURSELF. Then this is not a concern of yours, but maybe you can offer to finish off the shopping for your friends and family who are stuck in a salon somewhere, so expect that phone call.

Merry Christmas!

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