Survey finds women put hair before exercise

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8 thoughts on “Survey finds women put hair before exercise

  1. I’d rather be healthy and give up straight hair if there were a choice. I worked out even when I was chemically altering my hair. It’s definitely a lifestyle choice, not necessarily a hair choice. If you enjoy working out and it’s a part of your life, “sweating out” a perm or a flat ironing job on your hair wouldn’t matter–IMHO

    • Like you I work out. I currently run every other day. But I will admit in years gone past I have stopped for a week or so for the sake of my hair. I’ve even not enjoyed myself at the beach/sea because of my hair, more often then a I care to admit.

  2. We can be vain about our self image in many ways, some exercise not for health but to present themselves more attractive. Some get their hair done not to treat it and ensure it doesn’t break but to enhance their beauty. Both can be treated as vanity, but it’s only the ignoring of one that is detrimental. It’s unfortunate that health just isn’t a priority.

    Even the excuses people can give are quite flimsy like the gym is too expensive; well it’s free to run around the park. Rather than paying a little more for healthy foods they’d fill themselves with cheap rubbish. People are less inclined to invest in themselves for the long term. At the end of the day we all go after what we think will benefit us the most.

    • Some very strong and interesting comments Onysha. Yes if I am to be honest I probably am guilty of running as often as I do for vanity rather than health, and doing so means I can eat some rubbish without feeling too much guilt. But just to balance up a little, I am conscious of wanting to be healthy so this impacts on my choices which includes exercising on a regular basis.

  3. You should write something about exercising and taking care of your hair. I exercise regularly too, but wondering if I get a sew-in, how that will hold up to my regimen.

    • Hi TheGirl, good idea, great minds think alike. It is on the list but have not got round to it yet. Like you I exercise regularly. In the meantime I would say if you’re going to get a sew in don’t let it hang whilst exercise otherwise the weight will put stress on your own hair. Tie the weave in a loose bun, tie it in headscarf so none of it is on display. I would go for a cotton scarf so it helps absorb the sweat. I will get on with that article in the coming….

      Good talking to you!

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