“Her beauty…is not measure by the length of her hair!”

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6 thoughts on ““Her beauty…is not measure by the length of her hair!”

  1. cutting your hair takes nothing away from your beauty. when a child is working and showing responsibility they should be allowed to express themsleves.

    • I can tell you are a modern mother Ms Felix. I’m old school it’s not the process of cutting that I would have issues with, but the hair colouring etc., would attract too much of the wrong sort of attention. I like children to look like kids not mini adults. You can be an individual when you are paying your own bills 🙂

      • Valley Jada’s comments are so refreshing I would like my child to feel secure about her hair and body and stay as natural as possible. I despair when I observe false nails, hair, eyelashes, breasts. What happened to being natural. Okay this article is about cutting hair it’s not big deal it can grow back I know having just cut mine. Honestly the gasps I have encountered since making the choice to cut my locks off. I would agree with the whole colour thing though not good for school wear!

      • Jacqui I agree the it great for a child to feel secure about their looks, and loving ones natural self should be encouraged. But as they are a celebrity/business family, I wonder how much of the her look is about being fashionable and seeking attention. I also think discipline is important depending on your circumstances.

        Little cute Willow can afford to be a free spirit, lets face it she is not likely to ever have to depend on anyone liking her to get an income or a roof over her head. But all the power to the Smiths I love them.

  2. As a mother to a little girl, I worry about her asserting her independence before ‘I’ am ready for it. But I have to ask myself: is it really fair if I am not ready, but she clearly is? My daughter, although only 2 is showing plenty signs of individual flair and a strong independent spirit so it would not surprise that come 11/12 years old she has established her own style..which may include a hair cut. I agree, a female should not be defined by the length of her hair and the Smiths are clearly refraining from suppressing their children’s individuality – so well done to them.
    On balance, I think the only word of warning is ensuring that your child’s ‘extreme’ style is not a cry for help, perhaps a sign of an inner war or rebellion going on in her mind that is manifesting in a non-conformist approach to life, That said, we can only pray that good parents are able to foster healthy habits in their children and step in to establish boundaries when needed.

    • Really interesting points Nzinga, lots of food for thought. I have to be honest and say that I would not want my child to cut her hair, but that would also depend on how much she has and how much she is cutting. I would also be concerned that cutting the hair would disturb the hair growing potential otherwise known as the Anagen process.

      The anagen of scalp hair growth lasts 2-8 years depending on the individual. Hair grows on average up to 6 inches per year. The potential length of growth is determined by the length of the anagen phase. People with shorter growth phases cannot grow long hair. Those with longer phases grow longer hair. I believe that if you disturb this process by cutting, not trimming, the shortened hair that you are trying to grow is older than you realise and therefore cannot grow to it’s full potential before it is due to falls out. Also as we grow older the Anagen and the speed of hair growth slows down.

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