Natural hair is not professional looking!

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9 thoughts on “Natural hair is not professional looking!

  1. Good vibez. I know I shock quite a few, when I head off to work with my hair loose and natural. Every now and then I get the “what happen to your hair?” or what you doing with de hair?” bombs being dropped around me. Sooo annoying to say the least.
    Well I love my hair, and frankly while it is part of me, it is NOT me. Our own people are quite afraid of what is inevitably theirs. Meanwhile, some folks of a different ethnic group totally like the hair, wishes their hair could do what ours do and would give anytihng to try what we do. Alas, why do we hate ourselves so much?

    • Ummm, I hear you. The what have you done to your hair comment must be so annoying, because it’s such ignorance. But it’s ignorance that we have to try to ignore. As you said many love our hair. Just yesterday in the supermarket the cashier asked me if my hair was real, and exclaimed that she would love to have hair like ‘ours’. Also yesterday I received a text from a friend who did not want to write online for fear her boss would see it, but she said she was told by her boss that her twist-out hair style was not very tidy. It’s difficult but as we look around more and more people are returning to their natural hair, also I’ve noticed the majority of advertisers are now using black women with natural hair.

    • This comment would annoy when me so badly when would wear my hair loose and natural. I would say what you mean? That’s my hair, its mine. So I know how you feel. But like you said some people are just not confident enough with themselves to have their hair natural, Its not that they wouldn’t want it.

  2. Lol…yes it’s true natural hair doesn’t fit to the professional level that’s why…Toni Morrison, african-american writer got the Pulitzer Price in 1988 and the Nobel Prize of Litterature in 1993 (very small awards, aren’t they) carrying dread locks…myself I worked at the French Cultural Centre in Lagos, Nigeria for 2 years attending all kind of official functions with governor of state, consuls etc…with my dreadlocks and very proud 🙂

    • Exactly. Go girl! 🙂 Interestingly enough (small point) I noticed that yesterday, David Cameron’s security was a black female with her locs pulled back in a ponytail. It made me smile.

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