Long hair at any price…, anyone?

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9 thoughts on “Long hair at any price…, anyone?

    • You’re right Onysha it could be stress related. But I challenge you to look around tomorrow when you are out and about. You’ll notice there are a large number of black women with some degree of Traction Alopecia or stress or health related hair loss.

  1. As you know Valley, I recently conducted research on this whole hair thing. My dissertation will be published for all to see my findings. I came across research that suggests all these hair styles, application of heat etc, are ruining black women’s hair shafts causing hair loss and breakage. When will people wake up? Naomi’s hair looks ridiculous now but she wont give it up, and for what?

    • Hi Yvonne – I look forward to reading your findings. It’s starting to look like we are suppose to just gently brush our hair and not pull it into any particular direction. Unfortunately as with most practices that have great initial results, it’s hard to stop, even when the results are not as good, and are now
      causing damage. Look what we do to our feet in high heels, our finger nails with false nails, our skin with makeup and so on.

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  3. I have aloepicia areata. I have no edges currently because I had to stop my steroid shots due to pregnancy. In some cases, danger is so severe, not even shots or topical ointments will bring the hair back. In my case a combination of an autoimmune disorder and the over use of too tight weaves/ braids caused my hair to fall out. It’s a vicious cycle when you suffer from this– you want to cover the patches with wigs and weaves, but that makes the condition worse. I wear silk scarves to cover those areas and my hair is long enough in some places to cover them. I know that shots work for me and my hair grows back, but in Naomi’s case, her hair may never come back– the hair shafts in her scalp may be permanently damaged. It’s sad

    • Hi Madamesiames, thanks so much for sharing. Aloepicia of one kind or another is increasingly common nowadays. Glad you are finding solutions. I agree with you Naomi’s hair may well be permanently damaged. Somehow I wonder if those pictures were by accident. She knows there is always a camera somewhere near her. I think good for her for feeling no way. Her hair right now is what it is and no doubt she is dealing with it the best way she can. As we can see money can’t buy you everything!

  4. I have dreadlocks which I’ve had for about 7 or 8 years now. A few months ago, I used a product to help take the locks out and because I was able to really get the roots soaked with the product, my new roots are not locking and there is less stress on my hair – but I’m tired of putting it up in the heat and will decide whether or not to cut it if I can’t take out the locks this winter.

    Thanks for an informative article.

    • Good to hear from you Harolynne. Interesting I have heard of someone undoing locs before although I think this is rare. It’s a big decision. Before I decided to go natural I too contemplated locs, but like you I thought what do I do if I want to take them out. Would love to know how you do and what you decide. Thanks for reading and feedback.

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