16 year old Olympic Gold Medalist receives Twitter Hair Hate

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5 thoughts on “16 year old Olympic Gold Medalist receives Twitter Hair Hate

  1. This young lady has made history and has inspired other Black girls to pursue gymnastics and go as far as she has. The hair thing is absolutely ridiculous. I’m wondering if it’s a Black American thing or if it’s a cultural problem with Black people in other countries.

  2. Hair is not what Gabby was going for, she was not in a fashion show, Gabby was there to achieve one thing n by the grace of God n his almighty power she was able to do so, congratulate the young achiever n b a believer that thru Christ all things r possible. Gabby I commend u n u would have thought I was ur mom the way I cheered for u n the feeln I experienced when u won, stay blessed miss Gabby Douglas 2012 gold medal first African american winner. Thanks to our heavenly magnificent father.

    • Your sentiments are shared by the vast majority and I’m sure Gabby being the focused and brilliant girl that she is, is just laughing it off.

      Unfortunately social media has a tendency/ability to bring out the malicious, in a certain kind of person.

  3. Are we really that shocked that such comments exist? Keep in mind such comments as the one Stephanie made is one of the millions made by people brought on the ideal that a woman is only good as her looks. It is the same ideology that women aren’t women if their hair is too short or God forbid if a woman has Alopecia and can’t grow any hair at all, thus her value as a person has been diminished. This is why women have to put in two to four times more effort into their performance then men. … all in order to get out of the “Oh she is cute.” factor and stop being viewed as just pretty little things. >_> I cringe each time the commentators of UFC have the need to state the physical characteristic of female fighters. You’ll never hear Joe Rogan say “… is a very beautiful fighter.” to any of the male fighters. It is always towards women, as if that what is needed to justify female fighters. It is infantizing, patronizing and insulting. Stephanie is brought up in a patriarchal society… a society that places so much value on women looks that it is even causing women to back stab one another. It is sickening. Stephanie is every fortunate I don’t carry a Twitter account… I’d properly cuss her out in English, Spanish, German and French… for good luck possibly Portuguese. >_> This athletic female is an inspiration to invite more people into this sport which has always been dominated by whites… and I feel we are going to see more of Gabriela in the future. ^_^ BTW, her hair looks fine in the photo and I don’t see the big deal of it. Looks like a normal athletic bun to me. Shoot, during my karate years I put my hair in the same style with lots of clips too and no one seems to complain… and Gabby in that photo seems to pull it off better than I can. Stephanie is just hating… and I think she has inadequacies about herself for her to be pulling out flaws about others that aren’t even there. Thank you for the post and for allowing me to pull out and share my two cent thoughts here. Peace be.

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