5 things your hairdresser should know about you!

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3 thoughts on “5 things your hairdresser should know about you!

  1. I heard you on the radio here in Dominica the other day. I’m 18 years old and I’ve been growing out my hair for the past few months. It’s really slow growing hair and your blog has inspired me to not give up. At the moment my hair isn’t very manageable because I don’t have “Good Hair” lol. My hair at the moment is kind of like yours when you were 5 and 11 or so? I think…I have about a half an inch of growth. Can you help me learn how to manipulate the texture of my hair? I really need the help. Sometimes I just feel like giving up, as that would be a whole lot easier and being an adolescent it’s not exactly easy to be seen with that —i don’t know the word to describe it—hair on your head. However, I am fed up of straight hair and passing in town everyday and seeing almost every black woman with relaxed hair and this has inspired me to return to my “Roots” 😀 because i prefer my curls than generic straight hair. I think a black woman with her natural hair is very brave and powerful as it gives a certain exoticness to her disposition. Please help me manipulate my texture. All I do now is braid about every 2 months so that it’ll stay neat and tidy. I try not to have it braided too tightly though. I seriously need some help on products that I can use to manipulate and make my hair more manageable.

    • Hi Nellie – Thanks for your message. Yes just returned from the Nature Island.

      A good way to find out what your texture is like is to wash it, do not dry it with a towel or anything, whilst wet, moisturise it (put a lotion on it – see my video on moisurisers), do not comb with a comb but just saturate your hair in the product. Once hair is saturated in product you will be able to see your curl pattern.

      Manipulating your curl pattern is not combing it out with a comb or brush, but encouraging it with your product to shine through.

      The next challenge is to find a style which you can wear without combing out your manipulation. On youtube there are hundreds of Naturalistas who are doing the most amazing styles with all different lengths of hair. Put the words natural hair in youtube (if you haven’t already), and all the styling ideas you could wish for will be there. You can even subscribe to my youtube page: naturalhairvalley.

      Hope this is helpful. Keep in touch and let me know how you do. Any other questions then please ask. Good luck!

      • Okay. Thank you very much. This is very helpful. Hopefully it’ll all work out. I’ll make sure to let you know how i do.

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