Beyonce’s little sister hits out at Natural Hair Police

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3 thoughts on “Beyonce’s little sister hits out at Natural Hair Police

  1. I think solange gets more praise for her style/hair than she gets hate. I felt bad for her when I read this on twitter because it seemed there were some hurt feelings from her…I don’t blame her, some of the comments were just ignorant. Can she imagine what some of us who are not celebs with personal hair dressers, killer clothes and makeup have to hear? I think many women cut their hair for the same reason she did…personal choice and has nothing to do with making a statement. I know I transitioned three years ago because my relaxed hair was just dying. But like Solange I have gone through other times where I chopped it all of because it was how I felt at the moment. and like Solange i think it is JUST hair but so much of our identity as women is attached to it like we can’t be beautiful without it or without it being straighten. Le sigh

    • Interesting points there Shahidah. I too like the way Solange wears her hair. I like the fact also that she she’ll be natural one day and all wigged up the next day. I love the way she is not trying to manipulate her curl pattern necessarily and she is just working with her hair in a real creative way.

      • I am just starting to acknowledge the whole ‘manipulating’ the curl pattern craze. Its been there all along and I was on that bandwagon as well. I wanted to be natural but I also wanted my natural to be like so many 3c hair like Corrine Bailey. that was never going to be the case so imagine how hurt and frustrated I was when I could not manipulate my hair to even look like Curly Nikki’s or so many other bloggers who had that down packed. It was an unnecessary stress and I commend Solange on NOT falling into that pitfall that so many newly natural women do…myself included!

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