5 things you should do to your hair before you go to bed

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7 thoughts on “5 things you should do to your hair before you go to bed

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  2. These five steps are part of our basic and daily routine but it is always good to remind us readers of the attention we need to give our hair. For the issue of tieing at night and being sexy, I thought about 2 things . One- we should make it a fashion object and develop nice and colorful maybe with new shapes kind of tie. Something half head warmer half tie already preshaped for example. Then we have to educate men about it, especially black men because I think there are part of the pressure for relaxing hair and etc. The men who grew up outside of an African or Caribbean family will up to tend to question this matter less. I don t know what u think about that and if Ihabave been clear.

    • Hi Elodie – You make a very good point. The night time head wear is a big issue for many and yes they could be ‘sexed’ up in the same way you may wear head gear in the day time. And yes I would probably agree with you that black men may be more critical of scarfs etc. maybe it’s because they are more familiar and to them we may well remind them of their mothers LOL.

    • Whether you snip them or leave them they are coming off. Why don’t you ask someone you trust to go through your hair and just snip the split ends off before they split even further up the shaft of the hair. This method is called Search and Destroy.

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