Hair Length Check – I am now 2 years 5 Months Natural

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6 thoughts on “Hair Length Check – I am now 2 years 5 Months Natural

  1. Hi…love the vid….i transitioned for 11 onts, then, like yours my ends got in the way, and started to lock, so yup, it was time to BC!

    Didn’t have as much regrowth as you though…your good…to have kept transitioning for that long…i agree with you though, prob time to BC…you have got loads of natural hair there….just fab xx

    Lovefro (couldn’t be bothered to sign in!)

    • HI Lovefro, thanks for the viewing. I promised myself I would not BC, so I’m determined to reach my length goal before I chop. To be honest I’m thinking it’s more than likely to be this time next year by which time I would have grown about 6 more inches.

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  3. I didn’t BC either. I had bra-strap length hair that I didn’t want to cut. I ended up putting it in braids for 2 1/2 yrs and trimming the relaxed ends off regularly. Now I am 3 years natural: no BC, no relaxed ends.
    Thanks for sharing. I find the BC a little traumatic. It’s good to share the inspiration that there’s another way.

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