Gap Oxford Circus has gone Natural!

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4 thoughts on “Gap Oxford Circus has gone Natural!

  1. Du know I was reading a mag not so long ago and they had whole section on how to take care of your Afro ! Ok they weren’t really Afro Afros but still. I think the kink in our hair is quite fashion forward these days. That said a friend of a friend was told at a job interview of a department store shed have to “tidy” her natural locks up. The woman held up a pic of a white girl with a bun and said “like this”. So I guess we’ve come far, but still have a long way to go

    • Wow that’s an interesting one. Tidy your hair up! She was referring to (dread) locks or locks of natural hair? There is an arguement for we like hair tied up and or away from the face. But there be a question is an afro hairstyle a messy hairstyle. On the front cover of a recent Sunday supplement magazine there was a picture of Alisha Dixon with a big weave/wig on. The hair is wavy and all out. They described her hair as wild. I stopped and pondered for a while.

      I now feel an article coming on, thanks for telling me about your friend!

  2. I was in Gap recently (I’m a bit of Gap girl too) and didn’t notice this poster. Wasn’t a flagship store though.

    I love this. It is so refreshing to see images of ourselves in all our natural glory in the mainstream at last.

    We as a people need to ensure it isn’t just a fad/trend and is here to stay.

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