What’s happened to Beyonce’s sister’s natural hair?

Solange Knowles who’s lauded for her natural afro is seen sporting what looks like silky un-natural relaxed curls

Her usual look is her  natural afro which is held up by many fashion leader around the world as an inspiration for naturalistas; women who are turning their back on perms, relaxers, wigs and weaves in increasing numbers.

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Personally I love both.  I love her natural unkempt afro and I like this look which to me looks like a wig, but note she is still ‘keeping it real’ ,  she has kept the length similar that of her own hair.

I am also encouraged by the idea that Solange is mixing it up.  Natural today wig tomorrow.  The best of both worlds I say!

Have a peek at the full look, put your sun glasses on the colours will dazzle you:



2 thoughts on “What’s happened to Beyonce’s sister’s natural hair?

  1. While she does not have the superstar status of he older sibling, I am disappointed that he is known as “Beyonce’s sister” and not a star in her own right. The two girls, while both beautiful and talented, are completely different to me. As for solange’s hair I think it looks beautiful any way.

    • Although I agree that she is also talented, her big sister is an international superstar and therefore unless she reaches a similar status she will probably always be known by most as Beyonce’s sister. And lets face it I doubt it has done her any harm. There are millions of talented singers out there who don’t get any exposure, I’m sure being ‘Beyonce’s sister’ has opened many many doors for her.

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