Hair say… Sorting the Tips from the Myths

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4 thoughts on “Hair say… Sorting the Tips from the Myths

  1. Thank you! I’ve been telling my sistas for years that it just doesn’t make sense that hair grows when you cut it. The very statement is a contradiction. If you take good care of your ends, you won’t really need to cut them at least not much. Every now and then (maybe once or twice a year) I spot check my ends and snip any damage I see. No more no less. That way I’m not cutting perfectly good hair and retain my length. Plus, I’m absolutely anal about moisturizing and conditioning. Doing my own research has helped me and my daughter’s hair health so much.

    • Same here budgetbourgeois. When I was fully chemically processed I used to have a trim twice a year if not once. Now that I’m going natural without the Big Chop, I’m just snipping very, very slowly, as and when I feel it’s necessary, again, only a few times a year, as I’m trying to maintain my length.

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