I was going to colour my hair today, but after seeing this I’m having 2nd thoughts

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6 thoughts on “I was going to colour my hair today, but after seeing this I’m having 2nd thoughts

  1. Poor thing. I had a similar reaction to a test product from L’Oreal that I tried two years ago. It also comes back on and off again. Even the dermatologist didn’t know what it was and L’Oreal was absolutely worthless. I’ll never buy another product of theirs again. I’ve diagnosed myself with neurodermatitis and at one point the skin on my right cheek came off. I was miserable. I’ve finally figured out how to deal with it (no cure, I’m afraid this lady will have the same fate) but it requires diligence. The last time I colored my hair, it broke and fell off and I was devastated. I can only imagine how bad she feels, poor thing. I certainly don’t feel as bad about my predicament in comparison. I hope she gets better.

    • Sorry to hear that. Beauty products can be like playing Russian Roulette. The thing is we can have a reaction to any product/brand, any time, as they are made from the same family of chemicals. Our bodies change and we can’t always tolerate substances that we may have used for years. I wonder if she will stop dying her hair. We women are suckers for vanity 🙂

      • I want to hope she will, cause that’s messed up. Then again, I still use face creams. The irony is I signed up to test products so I wouldn’t have to spend money on skincare. Now, I have to buy the dermatologist tested, non-comodegenic, blahdy-blah and that **** is high! Case in point: I have a $500 (that’s right) Rx face cream. Amazingly, it has helped my self-esteem to be using a $500 face cream (vanity?) but good googa-mooga.

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