The Oscar winning protective hairstyle

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11 thoughts on “The Oscar winning protective hairstyle

  1. Octavia looked great in all her outfits for the awards season and really deserved the Oscar for best supporting actress. It would be great to see what she does next!

    • You are so right Nkechi. Interestingly it was Viola who got all the attention, not only because she was the star of the Help and up for best actress, but also because she was waving the flag for natural hair.

      This win for Octavia should mean lots of other roles. Lets wait see and hope.

      You are natural, how long ago did you return to your ‘roots’ 🙂

      • Octavia had her Jennifer Hudson moment on Sunday at the Oscars! Hope its a good sign.

        I went back to my natural hair 11 years ago. I did the “big cop” – as its called now.
        I think natural hair is more common now. I also feel that we are in a time where women are making more choices about hair styles. I like the notion of hair freedom creativity and choice!

      • 11 years ago, you are well ahead of the pack.

        I like the way the likes of Viola is wearing her own hair, but also feels free to choose to wear a wig if and when she wants.

  2. Hello ladies, I live just 10 minutes from where The Oscar action is and in the heart of Studio City. Nice to meet you here.
    I encourage you all to take a moment to listen to my new song, which I hope will be a universal statement of sisterly love and beauty. Except for touching up my roots, I went natural ten years ago. Still do the pressing but I am chemical free! I rocked a full weave (after much trepedation) for 1 1/2 years, while soaking my scalp with Dr. Miracles, got back all of my natural elasticity and more length than in my childhood. Feelin’ great all over! Stay jazzy, Jazzy Rita

    • Welcome bealadyfirst thanks for subscribing. Natural 10 years ago, so you are one of the pioneers! Just had a listen to the Michelle Obama track, very nice!

      • Thank u so much for listening;-) The song “Mr. President’s Girl” is building up steam. Hope you’ll download it and tell a friend. It’s our song too;-). I enjoy visiting your site. I’ll see what’s up with my subscribe button on my site. I’m indeed a writer but new to Word Press. Have a 2 jazzy day!
        Jazzy Rita

  3. It’s interesting that, Viola Davis, who was Oscar nominated for the best actress award for her role in The Help, didn’t get the same attention in the UK press for showing off her afro hair style. ‘Fearlessness, brave, rebellious’ were emotions attributed to Viola Davis after leaving her signature wig at home and stepping out to the high profile Oscars award ceremony with her short natural afro textured hairstyle.

    She was choosing to be her authentic self, on this special day in her career, confidently walking down the red carpet knowing she had the loving support and encouragement of her family and close friends. Why was it so challenging to wear the hair that naturally grows from your head? It is not always easier, more energising to be our true authentic self?

    • Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. When we see it in the mirror first, then embrace it, then we let it show for the world to see. As stated in my song, all eyes are upon everything we do as women of color- at least it seems that way. Hair is hair. Of course we have our preferences, but I live in LA and trust me, there are more than a few Caucasian women with hair “augmentation.” Let’s celebrate all the fascinating women of the world. We are lovely and versatile! Yeah, we got it like that. Thx 4 yr great article. Jazzy Rita (Mr. President’s Girl on itunes)

    • One British tabloid did notice the wig vs natural thing with Viola. I did an little article on it here on my blog. I was shocked that they had noticed to be honest.

      It would be more challenging I think to wear natural hair in the states then here in the Uk because I don’t think natural is such a big deal here, although I agree it was still a rare thing.

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