Hair Bloggers Watch Out! Mainstream Newspaper gets on the Natural Hair gravy train

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9 thoughts on “Hair Bloggers Watch Out! Mainstream Newspaper gets on the Natural Hair gravy train

  1. Essence Magazine has started discussing natural hair and even has an iPAD app! A lot of bloggers were offended when they said “don’t believe all the bloggers you read” while it is true not all blog advice is good or right for you, many felt essence failed to give credit to those who had been giving excellent advice on the blogosphere long before essence embraced its “roots”

    • Hi Daria I think It’s a bit of a jungle out there with everyone fighting for space. I’m sure at times we have all read suspect information in both established publication and blogs alike. Sounds like an interesting article, I wish I had seen it.

  2. Hi, Valley…I never saw this post….gonna have to take a read….and Essence has a ipad App? Wow…must check it out. If mainstream paper’s are noticing, it won’t be long until mainstream beauty chains cotton on to this ‘movement’ and want to exploit ‘us’ once again, if we’re not careful….

    • I believe the difference is this time that black women are owning their hair and making their own products increasingly. If what we are seeing on social networking is anything to go by the black hair market appears to be ‘people’ owned or at least going in that direction.

  3. Uhmmm….Indeed…I guess if were ‘owning’ it this time, then we need to be supporting these initiatives, with more than lip-service; monetary support is crucial….

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