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22 thoughts on “Good hair

  1. I think all kinds of hair styles are beautiful. A natural style of any length can make an outfit sizzle. Of course I believe in keeping a few wigs handy in case of a rainy day. 🙂

  2. Hey Tene, I couldn’t agree more. I’m thinking of getting myself a selection of wigs too. As people of African heritage our hair is as varied as our skin colour so it’s difficult to say what state/condition our ‘natural’ hair is. Most of us no longer have natural hair after years of chemical treatment etc.

  3. Hi Valley, I aspire to have a good hair well into my mature years. that is a good head of hair and if i choose to unnatural hair processes i may well lose my gift of natural beauty.

    • Natural beauty is something I suppose we all aspire to, but maybe that’s the problem, maybe we should be thinking that we are beautiful whatever we choose to do with ourselves; don’t know, but just a thought. To be honest I felt fantastic with a head full of chemically processed hair. I enjoyed it very very much, and it was so user friendly!

  4. For some reason this ‘good hair’ subject ignites something in me. When I look around I see so many women who will wear anything on their head except their natural hair. Is our hair soooo bad that they will do this? A lot of the weaves/wigs look quite atrocious whereas I think our natural hair is so beautiful and versatile; it shines in the sun for one thing. Now my question is what would we say/think if the majority of Asian and European women started wearing afros, locks, plaits and anything that resembled African/Caribbean hair styles? Something to think about….

    • I hear you, but I think we are too hard on black women, we have a unique history. Why is artificial hair so popular in black communities? I suppose we could also ask why people all around the world would rather drink a coke than a locally grown, healthy, freshly squeezed natural juice, it’s all about the marketing. Most of us are slaves to marketeers in some form or another. Asian and oriental women are known in many communities to have issues about skin shade, many women of european descent have issues with their body shape. We all seem to have our cross to bare.

  5. I am going on 2 years natural and i find my hair should be longer than it is presently. I braid my hair consistently cause it prevents me from cutting it off or switching to chemicals. Can you give me some products and tips on how I can help my hair grow faster?

    • Hi Portia – Thanks for your message. Hair growth is just like say finger nail growth, basically it comes from within. I would be interested in knowing how many inches of growth you have in two years. Hair grows on AVERAGE half an inch per month although I think my hair growth is slightly slower than this, I think I’m getting about 4 and a half inches per year. Put a tape measure into the root of your hair and pull your hair along to get your measurement.

      As the growth comes from within you can help yourself by keeping fit and trying to have as healthier diet as possible.

      Have you subscribed to this site (I haven’t checked)? If you do then you’ll get my free e-video sent to your email address to find out HOW TO GROW LONGER HEALTHIER AFRICAN CARIBBEAN HAIR. (To subscribe go to my home page, top right hand side, and input your email address.

      Let me know how you get on.

      Hope this is helpful. Good luck

      • Thanks for your response. I have a growth of 6 1/2 inches.I was also wondering if its the sweat from keeping fit that affects my hair growth cause am always exercising. I have also learned something from the video you emailed and have started using a moisturizing lotion in my hair instead of oils or grease.i have realised that it keeps my hair from being dry and brittle. Thank you again looking forward to getting more tips from you.

  6. So interesting Valley, that we have a very similar story in that I decided to go natural a few years ago and could never chemically straighten my hair now. It is a lot of hard work but I believe nothing is straight forward for Afro hair. Whether we use chemicals or not, we can never really just wash and go. However going natural does allow you to let your hair breathe and start to understand what does and doesn’t work for it – I’m still discovering new things about my hair. It’s never been longer now – which I believe is because I never go to the hairdressers anymore and I try to use very natural products in it. Granted I can sometimes look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge but I don’t mind having bad days as it’s worth it long term. I’m not anti-straightening as when I’m ready, I’ll blow dry it out and use ghds on it but that is a choice I make depending on my mood or what I’m doing. There is so much more freedom that way. I recommend discovering your true hair to all black women out there but it has to be your choice and don’t feel pressured by anyone to do something that’s not right for you and your lifestyle.

    • Well Eva we have more than just name in common. I agree much of what you say. I too could not go back to chemicals, but am not handling the bad hair days as well as you. I throw on one of my home-made wigs when I have not got time to do my hair or am just not liking what I’m seeing. Yes cheating but I love the choice 🙂 It also means I can have straight hair without touching my own, kind of best of both worlds I think.

  7. Such informative information!!! 🙂
    I’m in a little bit of a dilema so to speak… hair is long and has been cut off completely bald with temple fades twice in my life, but my husband is TOTALLY against me cutting it off again. I went natural because I only got a relaxer twice a year anyway! The problem is that I am now half-n-half (natural from roots midway down then the rest is relaxer. My “natural hair waves up in a beautiful S pattern when it is wet but the natural part loses the wave when it starts to dry & even the relaxed ends get a wave to them when I let them air dry. How or what can I use to get my most defined curls for my transitioning stage, while letting the rest of the relaxer grow out?

    • Hi Erica, Thanks for you question. Your husband will come round, men always do in the end, so lets put him to the side for now. If you are loving you S pattern and want to keep it you need to buy a moisturiser that is water based (1st ingredient says water or aqua). This will enhance the curl it does not need to be anything expensive I use Care Free Curl Gold, cheap and cheerful, and top with a little oil, any oil will do. See my video on hair products. Also stop using a comb, and use your fingers to smooth and detangle your hair, this will help you maintain your curl. Any curl that is combed out with a comb when dry becomes a whole different look. Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

  8. Hi, I just discovered your site, and since I have been in battle with my hair for almost ten hairs, I thought subscribing to your site may bring closure to my long stressful bad hair day. I use to braid my hair alot, and because of this, my hair grew really really long, in all this, my hair is kind of thin, natural or relaxed, and I do sweat alot. I realized also that I neglected my hair in many ways, and so after migrating to another country, this was it for my hair, it started breaking and breaking, where I almost loose my mind lol I tried all sorts of products, I started braiding again, which I think was the real killer, as it was being braided too tight, and so I started experience bald patches, stressed was an understatement for me at that point, nothing I tried worked, I had no choice, than to turn to wigs, which I hated lol Up to this day I am wigging away. Also the growth of my hair was just not happening, no matter what I tried, vitamins, diet it just was not happening, About two months ago, I stumbled upon a black woman on line, who is now going natural, her hair looks so lovely, when asked by other bloggers what’s the secret, she said she is using JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL, needless to say I explored this site and ordered some of their different hair products, within a month, I started to see a difference in my hair, breakage was minimal, and growth started to show its face, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, though slow, new growth has started to appear in my bald areas, I cant wait when I’ll have a head of hair again. Would appreciate though if you would have any advise, as my hair was very badly damaged and neglected I must admitted.

    • Hi Sonie – Great to have you on board. You have had a tough hair journey, and I’m glad that things are now turning around for you and your hair is growing again.

      I believe hair growth is more about our health and stress etc. So I would just say continue doing what you are doing. Try not to put any physical stress on your hair with tight styling etc. But best of all try not to worry as worry make thing worse. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. Regards Valley

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