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  1. ‘Ello sweetheart hehehe, just watched your video hun and it brought back so many memories of years gone by from when we were kids growing up and our hair was ALWAYS a major issue….! I for one used to hate you coz of your long lovely hair but at the same time loved being able to do stuff to it to make it look nice….. 🙂

    I am the same as you now except I lox my hair and I am really happy coz it is not costly (either to my hair or my pocket), and very low maintenance. We have gone round full circle with our hair. In the end analysis, and for me, I think it was the right decision to go back to natural. My hair is much happier when it is not being wrecked by combs (hot or otherwise), nasty chemicals such as relaxers (not designed for our hair type I don’t think), and blowdryers. All these things I do not believe are designed for the ‘negro’ hair of certain types, i.e. mine!

    I do not know what to tell you with your hair except it is still beautiful and long, natural or otherwise, (and you’re still so cute….but I digress….! lol). I think you are in a great position with your natural hair coz it is still long and not as ‘kinky’ as say mine is kinky so must be able to find less harmful products and still be able to style your hair and if you want to, have the occasional blow dry but really this should be limited for your hair’s sake!

  2. Opal, you are so funny! But my hair was not this long in school days, if it was I would not have been walking around at home with a cardigan on my head swinging it from side to side trying to mimick flowing stresses.

    I considered loxs too. From what I can see yours suit you very nicely, so obviously it was a good choice. I hear you about the fuss and bother. I am sooo lazy hair-wise.

    Thanks for subscribing. I hope to bring you interesting information. Although I’m 2 years into my journey I will be covering all types of hair choices, including relaxers and wigs.

  3. No matter what kind of hair you have you must maintain it…..valley did you really do the cardigan thing laugh……felix

    • Your right. But I don’t know about you but nobody told me how to look after my hair. I was led to believe that healthy hair and obtaining growth was down to some lotion or potion found in a bottle or jar. Yes my and my sister all wore cardigans on our heads and the sleeves as you probably know were supposed to be flowing long hair just like my school friends had.

    • Natalie this seems to be a thing that most little black girls use to do. I can’t imagine what my mother use to think seeing me and my sisters swinging our cardigans over our head 🙂

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