The Natural Hair Starter Kit

 6 Tips for new Natural Hair Lovers

Going natural need not be complicated. Lets face it all you need to do is stop relaxing your hair. But I realise that being unfamiliar with your new frizzy fro may be a shock to the system. So here are some simple tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. TO BIG CHOP or NOT – Decide if you are going to Big Chop, cut all your relaxer off, or transition; embrace your new natural hair growth whilst keeping your relaxed ends. Contrary to popular belief cutting your hair will not make it grow any faster.

2. HAIR STYLES – Many newly naturals are initially stuck for a hairstyle.  You can’t beat youtube, type the words, natural hair into the their search engine and you will be confronted by so many videos you will not know where to start. You are sure to find your hair twin online, someone who has hair similar to yours in length and texture so you can get some styling ideas for work and pleasure.

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3. DALILY HAIR PRODUCTS – You can spend as much or as little as you like. Expensive or natural hair products will not guarantee you a better result than a cheap product. What you ‘need’ for your hair is up to you, it depends on what look you are wanting to achieve. A common complaint of natural hair is its dryness. To try to conta this you can use  any of the products claiming to give your hair moisture. No matter what the product a permanent state of moisture cannot be achieved, your hair will revert back to its natural state as soon as the product evaporates, this can be in days or even hours. A lot depends on how much you put on and how you wear your hair. If you wear your hair out it will dry faster then hair that is in plaits. I use only two products a water based moisturiser and either an Olive or Castor oil. I use them to not only add moisture but also for a variety of purposes eg. enhance my curl pattern, flatten my hair, manipulate my hair, add shine to my hair, add volume etc. Everyone has their own favourite products. What achieves a look for one person will not necessarily work for you, so it will be have to be trial and error. I would start with a moistuiser and hair butter or oil and take it from there.

4. SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER – Sulfate free shampoos and more gentle on the hair, but you will not cause any damage to your hair by using a shampoo with sulfates.  As we tend to have dry hair choose a shampoo and conditioner that is recommended for dry hair. How often you shampoo is up to you. Some people do it several time a week and some people monthly, it is a personal choice.

5. TREATMENTS – You will be fine with or without them. I don’t bother but I realise they are very popular. They are like a facial for the hair, treatments will give your hair a temporary good feel factor, but there is no proof that it will do any more than that. In some cases, those who have used protein treatments have experienced excessive dryness.

6. PATIENTS – Your hair will grow, looking in the mirror and pulling at your hair will not quicken the pace of hair growth. Remember on average your hair will grow 6 inches per year, that’s up to half an inch per month, so don’t be surprised if you don’t actually see it happening. Don’t fall the hype hair growth comes from within not from what you plot on your hair. So be patient and enjoy the journey if you are on one!

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For help on choosing a moisturiser, watch this video:

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11 thoughts on “The Natural Hair Starter Kit

  1. I love this post! It really is up to you as to what products you want to use. Moisture, I believe is key.Recently, I just did my second big chop. Not so much for style but because the summer heat fried my ends to a crisp! I had no choice. I need a good moisturizer. Any suggestions

    • Any moisturiser, they are all pretty much the same with a different name, but for me the major protector is oil. I could not live without some kind of oil. After washing I will moisturise, I put loads on and then throughly oil my hair. In between washes I often just use oil, making sure to put loads on my ends. I do have a video on moisturisers which I will now put at the foot of the article.

  2. I wore a wig all last week and used a “butter” cream and carrot oil. My hair loved it and felt softer. I may continue during the winter months.

  3. HI Valley

    I love your picture, you haven’t changed much

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    • Supplements off the shelf tend if at all, to have minimal strength. If you’re lacking anything that you need a boost of the kind of vitamins that can balance things out usually have to be subscribed by a doctor.

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