Hair of corpse used to make weave

Doctor finds worms under woman’s hair weave, true or false?

Just this year we in the UK to our shock horror and in most cases disgust, discovered that horse meat had been sold in major supermarkets, served in hospitals and schools, masquerading as Beef.

And coincidentally today on the BBC News website:  Karman Ajaib, 28, supplied raw chicken from a “filthy” illegal meat processing plant, and he used underpants (undergarments) to clean his makeshift butchers, which had no wash basins by work areas and no knife steriliser. Sixty businesses around the UK  were being served by his company, Hamza Poultry Limited.


Hair Weave

So when I read that the hair of a dead person had entered the hair weave supply chain I was  disappointed but hardly surprised. Let’s face it if or biggest most reputable and sucessful supermarkets and or associated supporting agencies did not keep their eye on the ball what hope would their be for the hair weave industry which is sourced in most part from poor developing countries?

Read the full story here. Be warned it makes unpleasant reading:

As you may have notice in the comments under the story not everybody is convinced its true. Let’s face it there are many who may have a vested interest in keeping this story alive.

I must also bring to your attention that the string of events in this story does not appear to be new. This article has very similar stories: (Big thanks to Ava Butterscotch Davis for posting this on my Facebook page: Hair is Valley Fontaine).


If the hair of dead people is in the weave hair chain then you can bet its the same for wigs too.

I wish I could say that I don’t think this could happen and if it does, it’s not that common, the truth is I don’t know. I wish I could say make sure you buy your hair from a reputable supplier or manufacturer, but that did not stop the horse meat bandits.

What I will recommend is that you check the hair you are buying. Does it smell, feel and look right. It is also advisable to wash the hair before use, not that this would kill all bugs.  I know you are not an expert, but my golden  rule is if in doubt leave it out.

Alternatively you could opt for synthetic hair!

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4 thoughts on “Hair of corpse used to make weave

  1. I remember the horsemeat scandal was terrible in the UK, but didn’t they find traces of pork in “Non pork products” also? I remember thinking that could have been a major problem for certain religions etc. but luckily nothing came of it.

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