3 reasons I don’t sleep with a satin bonnet.

The natural hair world’s bed time favourite

Here are my 3 reasons why I prefer a breathable (eg. thin cotton) scarf as my bedtime hair cover than a pretty silky satin bonnet.

1. Satin bonnets do not allow my hair to breathe therefore my head is more likely to sweat and therefore my hair shrink.


2. Because the bonnet does not hold my hair firmly, I wake up with messy hair.

3. Because it’s a smooth fabric the bonnet is liable to slip off my head at night.

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It works for me and also ensures that I have a neat hairstyle for the morning.

For instance if I am wearing my hair in two plaits I sleep with it like that, wrap it in my scarf (with the plaits tucked into the scarf) and in the morning hey presto! Neat tidy hair

2013-11-01 13.20.19

Even if I plan to wear my hair out. I will sleep with it tied down in a scarf which means my styling in the morning will be neater.

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6 thoughts on “3 reasons I don’t sleep with a satin bonnet.

  1. Great article, i deffo agree with these, im not sure what material scarf is but it isnt the fully silky one, that wouldnt even stay om my head throughout the night x

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