The 3 stages of Hair Growth

During it’s life each hair goes through 3 phases of growth: 

The Anagen, the Catagen and the Telogen.

Hair on your scalp grows about 6 inches per year. (This is an  average, it could be less it could be more). At any given time, a random number of hairs will be in various stages of growth and shedding. There are three stages of hair growth: catagen,  anagen and telogen.

English: stages of growth of hairs anagen cata...

Stages of growth of hairs anagen catagen telogen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Anagen is the first phase with new hair growing in the hair bulb for 2 to 6 years on average. Some people have difficulty growing their hair to a ‘longer’ length because they have a short first phase of growth, whereas those who have long hair tend to have a long phase of growth.

The Catagen is the following phase when hair stops growing because the cell division has stopped.

The Telogen is the final phase. New hair starts growing in the papilla and then finally the old hair falls out.

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